Bank branches “open, casual and clubby”? The business lounge…

After my last blog on coffee shops, this BBC news article again made me think about the High Street business lounge:The High Street bank re-imagined (BBC)

Its going to happen isn’t it? But will the current big players do it first? Or will it be a new market entrant?

Now, speaking personally (Sir Richard, I hope you are reading…) what I would like to see is Virgin Money offering a business account with access to a “Virgin Lounge” in larger branches…modelled on a smaller version of the fantastic Virgin Atlantic clubhouse at Heathrow T3. Virgin Atlantic Club Lounge, Heathrow

The article again says that it is difficult to get people to switch bank accounts. Business users, perhaps even more so? But perhaps these kinds of business lounge facilities on the High Street would temp people?

Security will always be a big consideration and hurdle for banks – they need to protect staff from raids. But how about having some key branches cashless – “This is a Business lounge – No cash held on these premises”…? More on that later…

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  • Graham Jervis

    Hi Paul,

    Call me old fashioned. But what I want from my bank for my business account is access to an old fashioned bank manager who understands my business and my circumstances and who can make decisions without reference to a computer driven risk model in head office. The current problem with most business accounts is accessing cash to keep running and loans to build the business.

    Just ask any local businesses.