On my way to Corenet in San Diego

I’m at Oakland airport, on my way the Corenet Summit in San Diego. This is my trip in over 20 years without my trusty laptop – am going “commando” with only my iPad and iPhone. Mildly nervous about it, but looking forward to living the mobile life.

It should be a great meeting too – kicking off with John Kao Monday morning, then many sessions devoted to unveiling CRE2020, the new Corenet vision of the future of our profession.

I will be tweeting and blogging frequently throughout the Summit – check back here, but also @jpwoccupiers and @thefutureofwork.

Thanks to Richard Kadzis of Corenet for helping me get a press pass and for all his support of Paul Carder (@occupiers) and me.

Jim Ware (jim.ware@occupiersjournal.com)

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