Great Story about Distributed Work – and Occupiers Journal – in the Financial Times

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We were very pleased  to discover that Maija Palmer’s latest article about the “new world of work” in The Financial Times actually uses our director Jim Ware and OJL as a case study.

You can read the story (“So Near and Yet So Far”) online at this link:

(free registration is required to access the article)

As our followers know, OJL’s business objective is to become a premiere a global knowledge network and information resource. We are designing the business to provide end-user facilities managers with access to each other and the latest global research on managing the FM function, achieving strategic alignment with the business and other key functional areas, and making effective use of outside service providers. We are building a network of members and knowledge that will be both global and local in scope.

But the FT story isn’t about Occupiers Journal per se; it’s about how we formed the business while sitting in three very different parts of the world. To date, about a year after incorporating, the four of us have never yet been in the same place at the same time!

And that’s the truth – as I told Maija, I don’t believe we could have done this even three years ago (we have certainly had our share of in-person connections on several occasions and in many places; you can read our story of building the business in more detail on our home page, at

I’ve been ranting about the power of technology to change the way we work for years (and I’m of course not the only voice in that conversation). But it’s nice to see more and more people talking about it, recognizing the new reality, and beginning to adapt their management practices and organizational structures to the future of work.

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