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Creating an accessible and inclusive workspace

Microsoft’s focus on workplace accessibility provides people with diverse special needs the opportunity to obtain and maintain employment through a structure of ongoing assistance, support, and sensitivity to their circumstances.

Power to the people

Workplaces are more mission-critical and dynamic than ever before. But a workplace only exists to enable its users to be their most effective as they contribute to the success of their organization’s mission and strategies.

The 2019 workplace trend you cannot afford to ignore

Visitors can feel the culture the moment they walk through the door to your office. The latest research from Proxyclick (2018) shows that two out of every five people claim that their perception of a company or brand has been negatively affected by their experience in the corporate lobby or reception area.

Maybe the time has finally come to shoot the messenger?

This article questions the content and direction of current workplace research work.

How Media Architecture is Reshaping the Future of Workplace Design

Media architecture is the integration of digital media, including video, lighting, and audio, into the built environment. Sweeping advances in technology and spatial design has made it increasingly possible for companies to leverage media architecture innovations to create workplaces that bring their mission to life while promoting learning, discovery, social interaction, and engagement. This article includes case studies and best practices for three ways technology and design can make an impact on the workplace.

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