Learn how technology, real estate, management and behavioral science influence the work place.


From ‘Art in the Workplace’ to Urbanisation


Thought leadership in Workplace Services


Culture, leadership, change and more


Gaining insights from data, research


Application of new technology and systems

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Pandemic Burnout While Working from Home
Cynthia Milota and Dr. Sally Augustin

The Emerging Social Infrastructure of Work (Ever Shrinking Boxes)
Andy Lake

Applied Anthropology: Adding Value to Workplace Strategy
Dr. Chris Diming

How sensors intelligence informs workplace productivity
Gilbert Lennox-King

SMART Workspaces: Part 1-Tech’ Ecosystem
Patrick Stewart-Blacker

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Maybe great minds do think alike

There are many themes running through the history of the workplace; one that I have followed for many years is the challenge of engaging and coordinating a distributed and highly mobile…


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