On my way to Corenet in San Diego

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I’m at Oakland airport, on my way the Corenet Summit in San Diego. This is my trip in over 20 years without my trusty laptop – am going “commando” with only my iPad and iPhone. Mildly nervous about it, but looking forward to living the mobile life.

It should be a great meeting too – kicking off with John Kao Monday morning, then many sessions devoted to unveiling CRE2020, the new Corenet vision of the future of our profession.

I will be tweeting and blogging frequently throughout the Summit – check back here, but also @jpwoccupiers and @thefutureofwork.

Thanks to Richard Kadzis of Corenet for helping me get a press pass and for all his support of Paul Carder (@occupiers) and me.

Jim Ware ([email protected])

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